Yoga: A Universal Language

In my recent travel adventure to Beirut, Lebanon, I had the amazing opportunity to take a yoga class offered through my hotel in French! Since French and Arabic are the primary languages of Lebanon the class was taught entirely in French with Arabic mixed in. It was an enlightening experience that opened up my eyes to just how diverse yogis really are. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences we’re able to unite through our universal language of Yoga.

The class was a Yin Yoga class focused on relaxation and calming the mind. Although it was taught in a languages I couldn’t even begin to comprehend, it amazed me how easy it was for me to follow along in the class and understand what moves and postures were coming up. The entire class flowed for me as if it were a class I would take in the United States. In addition to yoga, I took a Tae Bo class taught both in Arabic and English. This class also gave me a chance awaken my inner spirit and get my exercise juices flowing!

One of the things I love about yoga is the abundance of classes, instructors and variations of classes available. I always love taking a new class in a new studio or environment since I learn something new from each once. I’m grateful I had this opportunity and look forward to continuing my yoga venture by taking new classes such as this one in French!

*Photo Credit- 1. Photo taken by Drew Stone in Byblos, Lebanon, 2. Photo taken by Yoga Melodie in Beirut, Lebanon


About melodietao

Melodie Tao is a Social Media Consultant and Online Marketing Educator. She educates and inspires businesses to optimize their online presence through new technology and social media. Melodie empowers you to strengthen relationships and build engaged communities of loyal customers and brand evangelists. Melodie teaches Marketing courses at Platt College that empower students with technology and social media skills for their career ventures. Melodie is available for professional speaking engagements. Her speaking style is personal, passionate and energetic. While marketing is her expertise, yoga is her passion. She has recently begun to spread her passion as a yogi through the blog, Yoga Melodie and will look forward to sharing the experience of her yogic venture.
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