5 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Month

September is just around the corner, which means it’s National Yoga Month! National Yoga Month is an awareness campaign to educate about the health benefits of  yoga inspire a healthy lifestyle and to activate the inner yogi in all of us.

To correspond with National Yoga month there will be yoga and health festivals, concerts, free classes and other special events taking place across the nation to inspire people to practice yoga and create a more balanced and peaceful lifestyle.

Last year during National Yoga month I was inspired to start practicing at  actual yoga studios! I was previously practicing at the complex I lived in that generously offered yoga classes 3 days a week to residents. Ever since I downward dogged in a yoga studio, I’ve been able to strengthen my practice with different instructors, create more inner peace through meditation and really dedicate my life to being a yogi both on and off my mat. I have National Yoga Month to thank for helping me along my yogic journey and now I have some great ideas for you on how to make the most of National Yoga month!

  1. Try Yoga for the First time– I’ve heard many of my friends say “I’ve never done yoga but have always wanted to try it”. Well there is no better time! Thousands of studios are offering a free week of yoga to new students! Sign up for free yoga on the National Yoga Month website and search for a studio near you! In San Diego alone, there are classes offered all over the county including some of my recommended studios: La Jolla Yoga Center, Infinite Yoga and Bird Rock Yoga.
  2. Check out a new studio- If you already have an established yoga practice and a home studio, here is an opportunity to mix it up.  I learn something new from every single instructor and even though I have preferred studios I practice at I’m always grateful for an opportunity to try out a new class or a new instructor. This adds variety to my yoga practice which allows me to be more open minded.
  3. Invite Your Yoga Studio to Join– If your yoga studio is not already participating in National Yoga Month, invite them join this inspirational celebration.
  4. Try a new type of Yoga–  Challenge yourself to bend outside of the box. There are an abundance of different yoga styles so if you’re used to a certain type, take a class you wouldn’t normally be in. From Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Anusara to Iyengar there’s sure to be a class you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t. Mixing up your yoga practice will strengthen your body in different areas and work out muscles that don’t normally get activated.
  5. Share National Yoga Month with Your Friends–  By simply reposting this blog, you’ll be motivating others to join the yoga movement.  Each new person that salutes the sun, mediates and invites yoga into their life is contributing a kinder, more peaceful and abundant world.  The beauty of social media is that sharing information is instantaneous and powerfully viral.

About melodietao

Melodie Tao is a Social Media Consultant and Online Marketing Educator. She educates and inspires businesses to optimize their online presence through new technology and social media. Melodie empowers you to strengthen relationships and build engaged communities of loyal customers and brand evangelists. Melodie teaches Marketing courses at Platt College that empower students with technology and social media skills for their career ventures. Melodie is available for professional speaking engagements. Her speaking style is personal, passionate and energetic. While marketing is her expertise, yoga is her passion. She has recently begun to spread her passion as a yogi through the blog, Yoga Melodie and will look forward to sharing the experience of her yogic venture.
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