It’s Time to Take Your Asana Outside

Asana which means posture in reference to yoga is present yet constantly changing in every yoga practice. “Take your asana outside” is the slogan Lululemon used last Saturday August 7th, when they hosted Salutation Nation on the grass at San Diego’s NTC Promenade. The event was held simultaneously all across the nation. The slogan immediately resonated with me and inspired me to take my practice outdoors where I’m closer to nature.  Watch the video and you’ll immediately feel the positive energy that was sent out into the world. Salutation Nation from lululemon athletica

Yesterday was the third time in the last couple weeks I practiced outside at Lululemon’s Vinyasa & Vino event on the rooftop of the W Hotel. I’ve been experiencing marvelous benefits from practicing outside and want to share a few great reasons why you too should take your asana outside.

1. Connect with Nature: As I step on to my mat outside, my feet are one layer closer to the earth and I feel a deeper connection with my natural surroundings. You’ll find peace as you focus of the beauty that surrounds you in every direction.

2. Fresh Air: Being aware of breath, breathing in and out through every asana and the audible sound of ujjayi breathing are important parts of my yoga practice. My senses are heightened as I take deep breaths in and out because they aren’t constricted by walls or barriers. I feel fresh air flow through my body in sync with my vinyasas as if my movements were coinciding perfectly with the flow of the world.

3. Salute the Sun: Sun salutations have never felt more authentic as I feel the bright rays shining on me . I reach up directly to the sun that’s not hidden or covered by a roof and the energy of the sun awakens my inner self as it radiates throughout my body.

4. Variety- While most yogis have a home studio they practice at, mixing things up every once in a while is a great way to add variety to your practice. I have a favorite studio I practice at but I always love the abundance of yoga classes available and like to mix things up by trying new classes or studios. This makes allows me to spread my positive energy from yoga to more areas in the world.

Where to take your Asana Outside

1. Vinyasa and Vino– For the month of August Lululemon is hosting  Vinyasa and Vino every Thursday at 6pm on the rooftop of the W hotel. There are 2 more wonderful opportunities to enjoy this free class on Thursday August 19th and 26th. Each week they partner with a different yoga studio to host this event.I recommend getting there early because it gets packed.

2. Yoga Meetups– There are several Yoga meetup groups in San Diego that offer outdoor yoga. Including a yoga meetup at the beach and San Diego Outdoor yoga. Most of these classes are free or accept a small donation. I’ve attended a few of these classes. They are very basic but I’ve found them very relaxing and meditative on a nice sunny day. If you’re outside of San Diego, do a search for yoga in your area.

3. Your Nearest Park– The amazing thing about yoga is that you can take your practice anywhere. Grab your mat and head to your nearest park and practice your favorite asanas while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Yoga doesn’t always have to be guided by an instructor. Make it fun and make it your practice. Be mindful of outdoor sounds you hear (dogs, kids, runners, etc). Allow yourself to notice the noises while bringing your concentration back to your mat.

If you have any other ideas on how to take your asana outside, please share them with me!


-Yoga Melodie

*Photo Credit- 1. Photo by Lululemon, 2. Photo taken by Yoga Melodie, 3. Photo by La Jolla Yoga Center


About melodietao

Melodie Tao is a Social Media Consultant and Online Marketing Educator. She educates and inspires businesses to optimize their online presence through new technology and social media. Melodie empowers you to strengthen relationships and build engaged communities of loyal customers and brand evangelists. Melodie teaches Marketing courses at Platt College that empower students with technology and social media skills for their career ventures. Melodie is available for professional speaking engagements. Her speaking style is personal, passionate and energetic. While marketing is her expertise, yoga is her passion. She has recently begun to spread her passion as a yogi through the blog, Yoga Melodie and will look forward to sharing the experience of her yogic venture.
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One Response to It’s Time to Take Your Asana Outside

  1. Rebekah says:

    I just noticed that I am in the photo taken by the La Jolla Yoga Center and so are you. Can anyone spot Melodie?

    On Meetup, it lists various outdoor yoga classes. It looks like the most popular one in San Diego is Free Yoga in the Park! It is held in Balboa Park on Tuesday evenings.

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