Introducing Yoga Melodie

I’m excited to announce that Marketing Melodie has an official Yoga blog. Yoga is my passion and a lifestyle that brings me peace, serenity and clarity. I’m constantly sharing events, information and inspiration about yoga and its powerful impact so I’ve decided to take my yogic ventures to the next level by creating an online space for my community to follow my journey. My Yoga blog is appropriately named Yoga Melodie.

Creating this blog and even this first post wasn’t easy. Many challenges arose as they do in our everyday lives. With gratitude, I’d like to share my challenges for launching this blog and how my yoga practice prepared me for overcoming these obstacles off the mat. You’ll notice each challenge has two title headings. The first presents my mood as I was experiencing the challenge and the second reflects my realization of how to handle my situation by carrying my yoga practice off the mat.

The Name Game or Focusing on the Present:  Coming up with the perfect name for my blog was something is important to me, especially when it comes to establishing a brand. I turned to my social network for suggestions and my community graciously submitted many ideas. I was having a difficult time deciding on a name and felt internal pressure for choosing a name in order to launch my blog. I kept waiting for the perfect moment in the future, which I’ve learned will never arrive. Going back to my yoga practice where I focus on the present I realized that as long as I kept thinking I would have a perfect name in the future, I would never have a great name in the present. While I’m not set on the name Yoga Melodie (hence why I have not purchased the domain and am hosting my blog on it’s a fitting name at this time in my life.

Name Squatters or Letting Go of Attachment– After contemplating different names for my blog and brand, I decided to use my last name, Tao. The word itself is defined as the way, path or route. It can be used philosophically to signify the fundamental or true nature of the world so I determined that the name Yoga Tao was the perfect representation for what I want to convey. The domain was available so I was excited to finally buy the domain. When I attempted to purchase it, I learned that a domain company owned the name and wanted to charge me $900. Yoga teaches us to breathe through challenging postures which in real life translates to taking a deep breath in any unpleasant situation. This is exactly what I did which created energy in my mind to remove my attachment to my initial blog name, and go back to using my first name, Yoga Melodie.

Internal Pressure or Projecting Peace into the World – I’ve intended to create a yoga blog for months. I started feeling a pressure created in my mind about the need to launch this blog immediately. I didn’t have any external factors giving me deadlines yet I somehow felt it was necessary to get this done. I sat down and wrote my entire first entry which took me nearly 2 hours. I was getting ready to publish but had to run off to a yoga class (coincidentally) and was sure I saved the draft. When I returned to my computer, excited I was finally close to launching,  my entire post was deleted. I realized this was a sign that I need to relinquish any internal pressure because the world was clearly telling me it’s not necessary to create strict deadlines. I’m creating this blog to project peace into the world and a blog entry written through pressure was probably not the best way to do it. When I write with calmness from within, my words will reflect my mood in a positive way to inspire others.

I’ve learned so much about myself just from sharing this story and am excited that I’ve created an opportunity off my mat that allows me to strengthen my yoga practice. I would love any insight suggestions or recommendations for my yoga blog and look forward to sharing my journey,

In Gratitude, Namaste

-Yoga Melodie


About melodietao

Melodie Tao is a Social Media Consultant and Online Marketing Educator. She educates and inspires businesses to optimize their online presence through new technology and social media. Melodie empowers you to strengthen relationships and build engaged communities of loyal customers and brand evangelists. Melodie teaches Marketing courses at Platt College that empower students with technology and social media skills for their career ventures. Melodie is available for professional speaking engagements. Her speaking style is personal, passionate and energetic. While marketing is her expertise, yoga is her passion. She has recently begun to spread her passion as a yogi through the blog, Yoga Melodie and will look forward to sharing the experience of her yogic venture.
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2 Responses to Introducing Yoga Melodie

  1. DowntownRob says:

    I’m always partial to cute alliterative names, and similar to Marketing Melodie, which has a nice ring to it, I’d suggest Meditating Melodie (and the .com is available). You can then take advantage of your existing brand logo as well.

    • melodietao says:

      @DowntownRob- I love the idea of using my same logo for Marketing Melodie. I also like alliterative names! Meditating Melodie is awesome but I don’t feel it really represents what my blog is about. Although meditation is a big part of yoga and I plan to talk about this a not sure I want to brand my blog as a meditation blog. I’ll keep brainstorming and yes it would be awesome if I could think of another title that is alliterative :). Thanks for the insight.

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